Factory of ribbons, bias and fabrics for Haberdashery and creative sewing

Safisa, the company

Safisa is a factory of ribbons, bias and fabrics for Haberdashery. Safisa was born in Manresa, one of the centers of manufacture of ribbons in Europe, during the second industrial revolution. It is currently a mature, family and medium sized company.

Our team today is young and with trade, this is why we represent the inheritance of the textile heritage in Europe. We think that maintaining the experience of our trade represents a seed for the future.

Mission: To offer the entire range of textile products for haberdashery, from ribbon to fabric.

Vision: We believe in the haberdashery market from the beginning. We want to bring you our best creativity with the manufacture of a complete range of textile products for haberdashery: ribbons, bias, trimmings and fabrics coordinated every season.

Values: The company is fully committed to the desire to maintain the trade, in an economy based on human values and the environment.

Spiral, the brand

Spiral is a concept, a will in the form of a brand. It is the art of weaving to offer the full range of textile products for haberdashery.

Spiral is the brand of ribbons, bias and fabrics for the haberdashery market and creative crafts. This brand unifies the whole range of textile products necessary for the haberdashery market under its concept. The haberdashery ribbon, the bias ribbon, the jacquard ribbon and the fabric become a unique world, without limits to creativity thanks to the designs, colors and textures of the different families of products coordinated among themselves.

The brand Spiral means commitment, from design to textile manufacturing, to bring to the market the best range of textile products for haberdashery.

Today, Spiral products are sold throughout the world through the network of distributors, wholesalers and chain stores with which we have the pleasure of working.