Our coordinated "Natural fabric" gives you the opportunity to create with fabrics and biases of natural fibers. Go back to the roots with linens and cotton while you take care of the ones you love most ant the planet.

Of the highest quality the will bring a professional touch to any clothing. Discover all the fabrics and biases that make up the coordinated "Natural fabric".

Coordinated articles: 06570T, 06572T, 06554T, 06552T, 06602T


This coordinate "Natural bias ribbon" includes our articles made from quality natural fibers. The rise of linen and organic cotton is a faithful reflection of our society, increasingly aware of caring for the planet and purselves with natural garments and less aggressive processes with the environment. Wrappping up naturally is easier with pur coordinated "Natural bias ribbon".

Coordinated articles: 06570, 06572, 06554, 06552, 06472